Episode 12

Spine Chilling Networking & Ghost Stories

Published on: 28th October, 2020

Spooky content alert! Waking up in the dead of night to find an unknown blurry-faced figure lying right beside you in bed? Or how about a deceased relative changing the television channel while evidently sitting on his favorite spot on the sofa? Has your brain made the connection between networking and horror yet? 

Networking can be awfully scary to some people, and have I got for you some really bizarre stories from listeners in the show today. To ease the suspense, have you ever mistaken a woman’s fat for a fetus? One of our listeners did! Are you an introvert and scared of connecting with new people or do you despise eating at events? Are you forgetful about names? (I’ll definitely be helping you with this one in a later podcast) Creepy networking experiences often stay fresh in our memory, perhaps even giving us nightmares about this shit for the rest of our lives!

Inexplicable incidents have happened in my life even, I can’t still figure out if those were actually scary or unnaturally astonishing. Listen in to hear my unexplainable story as well as ghost stories from several of our listeners. This episode is sure to give you chills that run down your spine!

Also, how do you make a tissue dance? [Hint: **Joke!]

The Drink of the Week is the Dearly Beloved I Thee Red wine, specifically chosen for the episode because of the bottle, adorned with a Mexican Day of the Dead skull. 

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