Episode 3

The List Yourself Approach: How to Connect With Anyone

Published on: 26th August, 2020

After listening to this episode you will never ever be able to say that you don't have anything to talk about at networking events. And that’s the truth!

In this Social media, share everything age, with people flaunting their mostly fake lives on Social media, it might make you feel insecure, thinking that everyone else is interesting and you are so boring. Stop right there and listen to me when I tell you this! You are far more interesting than you think you are. Everyone has something interesting and amazing about them - yes, even you.

To teach you (and me) how interesting we all are and how much we actually have to share and connect with people over, I created the List yourself approach. The list helps us understand all the ways we can begin to build commonality and connection with the people we meet. 

First, we are going to make a list of things that make up who you are, and that are interesting to you. I will teach you how you can use this list to learn more about other people and make genuine connections. Interesting people are interested in other people.  So let’s find out exactly how interesting and amazing you already are, and then use the list to find out how amazing and interesting other people are! People love to share their experiences and the only way they will tell you is when you show genuine interest and ask them. Yeah! All you need to do is ask them. It’s just that simple. 

In Episode 2 we listed out the networking Circles, and identified the people you want to improve your relationships with. This episode will take you in that direction to start digging deeper into those relationships.

If you haven’t Listened to those previous episodes then I highly recommend you do so, this podcast is released in series, so joining from the start will be more beneficial to you.

Drink of the week: 

Hermit Thrush, The Party Guy

My Book:

This Shit Works

If you want to skip straight to the List Yourself Approach Worksheet you can download it here (http://juliebrownbd.com/reallygoodshit/)







Timestamps :

00:30 You think you don’t have ANYTHING to talk about

01:15 The List Yourself Approach

03:05 My List

05:10 How to Ask Questions 

07:57 Drink of the Week 

09:15 Outro

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