Episode 30

F*ck Yeah: Why Swearing Is Good For You

Published on: 3rd March, 2021

As children we are taught that there are everyday words, and then there are bad words, the kind of words that can get you into trouble. You see, in society we think people will be offended by swear words  - when in actuality most people aren’t offended by profanity at all, it’s why music with explicit lyrics still sell, why we go see R rated movies.

There has actually been a tremendous amount of research into swear words. And the findings might surprise you.

Scientifically speaking, having a penchant for profanity might be a good thing. Tune in to hear how swearing can make you appear more honest, more intelligent, how it can relieve stress, dull the sensation of pain, and foster camaraderie among peers and friends. You’ll also learn how chimps swear as well. 

Thanks again for listening, for coming back every week I appreciate you. If you like this podcast please take a moment to review it on iTunes and share it with your friends. I’ll see you next week. Cheers, JB





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