Episode 14

How to Create a Massive Instagram Following

Published on: 11th November, 2020

One does not just become an Instagram celebrity overnight, but when a person does, you can be sure that they are influential individuals and that the online network they have created will grow their business to greater heights!

On the show today, we have Tiffany Narbonne, founder of T. Jazelle, who by sharing what she creates with love and passion has organically created a massive instagram following and become a certified Instagram celebrity.  Tiffany's personality shines through every single one of the bracelets that she creates. There is a special meaning behind each gemstone and charm, which Tiffany writes on a card herself and is included with every single piece of jewelry. The story of T. Jazelle is that of a woman who followed that “which set her soul on fire”, her most loved quote and an honest description of what grew business.

In the episode, Tiffany talks about how she started the business as a side hustle while working at Channel Seven, then growing the business on Etsy, Facebook and Instagram, as well as her mindful charity practices. If you’re still trying to figure out how Instagram can help you grow your business, know this - Tiffany created an Instagram account for her pup, Lola, and one of the people who started following her happened to be the Lisa Vanderpump and Vanderpump dogs - WHAT?. Tiffany acted fast and reached out Lisa Vanderpump via DM on Instagram, this reach out  landed her an amazing opportunity to partner with the phenomenal personality!

Your Instagram page is a good way of letting your followers know who you are inside and outside of your business, doing this allows them to connect with you on a personal level. This helps to create a relationship with your clients that can transcend the boundaries of the Instagram platform. 

Tiffany also discusses how many times per week to post, when are the best time to post, and the power of Instagram stories. 

Click here to shop her Give Back Collection. https://tjazelle.com/pages/tj-give-back-collection

The Drink of the Week is Tiffany’s favorite, the Margarita but with a Julie Brown twist. Actually I’ve completely changed it, I’ve taken inspiration from a regular margarita and reimagined it with ginger and mezcal so now it’s a Smokey Ginger Margarita. 

Drink of the Week: Smokey Ginger Margarita

1.5 oz Domaine Canton (ginger liqueur)

1 oz one ounce of smoky mezcal (I used Silencio)

.5 oz of fresh lime juice

Put that in a cocktail mixing glass filled with ice and stir for a while to let all the flavors come together.  Strain into a rocks glass with additional ice

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